Liability Insurance

Legal liability insurance cover sums insured must pay as damages in favor of another party as a result of damage they had caused it. This form of insurance and business assets are protected natural or legal persons.

The object is the liability insurance: damage to the insured responsible under the law against third parties and expenses incurred by the insured in a civil lawsuit.

Types of insurance liability to third parties:

  • Employer responsibility to employees
  • Manufacturers and contractors liability
  • Responsibility for industrial and commercial risks
  • Liability for environmental pollution
  • Liability of owners of shops
  • Professional Liability: lawyers, accountants, experts and evaluators, architects, builders, doctors and other health professionals, customs clearance, the operator of the electronic archive, receivers and liquidators, etc.
  • Responsibility of individuals
  • Producer responsibility
  • Liability of the railway
  • Responsibility for the cargo carrier - CMR
  • Liability houses forwarding
  • Liability of owners of dangerous animals
  • Tenant's liability to the owner
  • Civil liability of the carrier individuals
  • Liability housing
  • Civil liability of service units
  • Liability hotels and restaurants