Green Card

Green card insurance is valid auto liability insurance just outside Romania. By the end of such policies, the company underwriter is obligated to pay the cost of damage caused to third parties in traffic. Like other types of auto insurance, Green Card is compulsory for those who want to leave the country's borders, in case of an accident, you are subject to proof of the bodies investigating the event and those who carry out controls in this respect.

This type of insurance is issued with car insurance coverage at least for EU Member States. Coverage in other Member States Green Card Bureau is optional and vary from one insurance company to another, the driver having the obligation to verify whether the country wants to go or not is Barata RCA insurance policy. If the country is marked with an "X" means that for that country need a Green Card insurance to pay damages not afarente a possible auto event. Can be purchased from any insurance companies authorized to practice this form of insurance.

Green Paper can be concluded for at least 15-20 days to 1-12 months. Prices of such insurance are the same for all insurance companies. Green card insurance is not paid according to destination, but depending on the number of days or months of life.