Foreign Travel Insurance

Overseas travel insurance is required when undertaking a trip outside the United States. Even if it is a family trip, a trip for business or work abroad, such insurance is recommended and useful.

The insurance covers medical expenses and repatriation of injury or illness as a result of the insured during travel abroad. Can I get such a natural policy and insurance contract must be signed before he left the country, the insurance premium is fully own behalf.

Expenses covered by most insurers are:

outpatient emergency-

-prescribed medicines approved


-surgery (emergency only)

person's travel expenses, assets

-emergency dental treatment (usually an amount stipulated in the policy of full compensation)

-repatriation of the deceased

The cost of such insurance depends on the following factors:

-period ending assurance (from two days to one year)

-insured amount, usually located between 5,000 and 50,000 euros

-destination country

-age insured