Employees Benefits

Motivational insurance package for employees, known as the "employee benefit" includes insurance against death or injury, to protect employees during work time or 24 hours / day components of type private pension savings and health insurance.

This is a great retention of employees, widespread in western Europe and the United States and the multinational companies in Romania. Often employers invest time and money in educating employees in a particular area, following the expiration of the contract they seek other job offers. Thus, after the departure of skilled worker and professional training, the employer is obliged to resume the selection process and training. It is the employer's interest to retain as much as well-trained employees. Such a loyalty program is often quite attractive for an employee so that he feels motivated to extend their contract years.

Most companies allow you to complete individual policy or group. They differ greatly, but the group insurance has the advantage of substantially reducing the insurance premium. May be closed for at least 10 people and can choose a fixed amount for each professional category or individual basis. If the latter, the former may be higher or lower depending on the risks derived from the exercise of each trade.

It can cover risks such as death and injury, amounts paid for hospitalization and treatment of an accident at work. You can extend the policy coverage to 24 hours of 24 and may also cover occupational diseases. No compensation will be paid for accidents caused by lack of protection and the fault of the employee, the consequences of mental illness, infectious disease or suicide.

If private pension insurance type, the insured or the employer may establish a repayment schedule based on time spent in service. In order to increase the sum insured, the employee can contribute it to a certain amount in addition to insurance premium paid by the employer, the option of joint contribution.