Compulsory - PAD

PAD insurance is compulsory under Law 260/2008 of the house covers damage caused by catastrophic earthquakes, landslides and floods. Housing types are provided:

  • Type A: construction of structural strength of concrete, metal or wood or stone exterior walls, burnt brick or other materials resulting from heat treatment and / or chemical
  • Type B: building with brick exterior walls unburned or any other material not subject to heat treatment and / or chemical

The insurance premium is based on the sum insured as follows:

House type

Insured sum

Board insurance

Type A

20.000 euro

20 euro

Type B

10.000 euro

10 euro

Insurance premiums will be paid in full at the end of politics and lei at the rate of the day. Insurance will take effect starting at zero in the next day to pay the insurance premium. The insurance is concluded for a period of 6 or 12 months.

Do not provide homes that are already marked as being exposed to high seismic risk than their reconsolidarii ago.

This form of insurance can be terminated only for member companies of the pool of insurance against natural disasters - PAID.

The request for compensation, in case one of the risks insured compulsorily can only by beneficiaries PAID. As beneficiaries have the following:

-owners of constructions made for living

-designated persons as beneficiaries by the owners insurance

-legal successor and / or testamentary owner when he died, the application of the law in the succession, if there is no designated beneficiary