Optional insurance against accidental damage or theft autovechiculului is found in most insurance companies as the CASCO insurance. This insurance complements the policy of mandatory liability, but it does not take place. A type Casco insurance will cover damage their property for damage or theft.

Casco type policy can benefit any owner of the vehicle, trailer or semitrailer provided that they are registered in Romania or to be undergoing registration.

The amount that will ensure the vehicle will depend on the value of its new closing date of the insurance, plus wear depending on vehicle age and additional amenities, scale usage varies from one insurance company to another ..

Policies usually ends with a deductible of 100 € / event damage and theft at the expense of partial and total 10-20%. There is no possibility of concluding the insurance deductible, in which the cost of insurance is much higher.

Deductible is the expense to be incurred by the insured and can be calculated as a percentage of the sum insured, or a fixed amount. The goal is to increase care franchise to the good properties provided on the one hand, and avoid handling a large number of cases of damage with a low compensation in the amount of these damages context does not create special problems in terms of financially insured. Usually, the higher the deductible, the smaller the premium.

Standard risks that may be covered by insurance CASCO are strikes, collisions, scratches, tipping over or falling bodies on the car, damage caused by storms, floods, earthquakes, hail, heavy rain, landslide, avalanche, carbonization, explosion, smoke , vehicle theft, of parts or damage from attempted theft, vehicle damage as a result of measures taken to save his damage extras fitted, declared by the insured in the application form, whose value is included in sum insured, following insured risks damage parts or parts car while they were removed in order to carry out repair or maintenance and expenses incurred in the transportation autovechiculului damaged the nearest service from the scene or at housing , if it can not be transported by its own force.

Other risks covered - vandalism, loss of keys, loss of vehicle documents, recorded damage due to vehicle penetration in flooded areas, accidents recorded during vehicle use on public roads closed circulation, damage to rail tranvai tires, etc. can be covered by the optional rule .

In case of damage, determining the damages will be made by the insurer on the basis of documentation on the causes and circumstances surrounding the incident. Finding and damage assessment will be made to insured or his representative. The total damage may be declared by the insurer based on an estimate of repair Estitamiv issued by a unit repair. If there is deductible, the insurer will pay the sum insured minus the franchise.

As for theft, it must be declared to the police station in the town where the event occurred and to require the registration number of the complaint. Contact your insurer and this will require theft police statement (response within 30 days). The insurer will again address the police regarding the discovery of theft authors (response time is within 30 days). The police response and if the dossier is complete, the policyholder will be compensated under the policy, ie the sum assured less the deductible, if any.