Save money

Because analysis, rigorous risk selection and bargaining power with insurance companies in the interest of customers, they almost always benefit from reduced insurance premiums. Meanwhile, insurance companies know that a broker request bids from several insurers for its customers, as such offers will be obtained in accordance with an otherwise difficult market accessible to an unsuspecting customer.

Saving time

By working with us you can benefit from the experience of over 10 years in the field and all offers on the market. You will not spend time to identify and analyze risks, to analyze insurance conditions and price offers. Will be summarized our search results and negotiations, so that purchasing decisions are easily made. We take care and management of insurance contracts in settlement and resolution of claim files.

Protect internal resources

Often, the insurance program to occupy a person Midl-management company (logistics or financial department) that receives as an additional task. This can lead to a reduction in time for the activity and results in a superficial treatment of the problem, and often justified by the lack of expertise. By outsourcing this activity, they can optimize dumneavastra staff working time.

Solving claim files

Once damage has occurred, all operations related to the composition and completion of the file under the supervision and monitoring are ours, until obtaining appropriate contractual indemnity compensation. If misunderstandings arise in investigating, benefit from our full expertise and support for amicable settlement and assistance in resolving a legal dispute about.

Development of complex insurance programs

Given the tendency of insurance companies specializing in product lines are unlikely to find a single insurer for all coatings necessary to optimal cost. With our help, you can build complex and comprehensive insurance programs that combine products, harnessed in order to optimize the coatings and their cost. Products for corporate customers often customize it in relation to specific activities. Of particular interest is our access to international markets and insurance where we can offer our clients insurance products or coverage less common possibility that exceed domestic subscription.

Risks are identified and assessed correctly

Identification and risk assessment is based on a careful analysis of the activities and internal processes using statistical data and expert evaluation programs. Thus the specific tools we can provide our experience in evaluating, modeling and simulation of risk. This activity is provided by two specialists in Risk.In Management If you have a risk management department, our role is consultative and brings added value to your team activities.

Analysis of potential policies already concluded

Most times, when in contact with a potential client is an assessment and propose a possible correction of the existing insurance program, to obtain such a plan for optimal protection at minimal cost. In a relatively large number of cases, customers do not read the insurance conditions due to lack of time or lack the necessary knowledge. Sometimes, the wording is ambiguous policy conditions, leaving the interpretations that can lead to losses not covered in the event of an insured event. These aspects of the insurance contract should be clarified by an assertion of emergency in the sense given them written by the insurer.

Benefit from consulting a specialist

Given the wealth of information and procedures necessary to complete and correct management of an insurance program, coupled with legislative changes permanent existence of a specialist is required to consult before making purchasing decisions. An insurance policy effectiveness lies primarily in the insurance conditions attached contract.