Aviation Insurance

Such a policy can be completed by legal persons or individuals who own aircraft, ranging from the mild to the passenger or luggage. Usually ends policies for all risks secificate restrictions in the contract by each company to which the policy ends. A complete policy may include the provision of aircraft, liability for passengers and liability to third parties.

The main types of aviation are:

  • Ensure the aircraft: thus secure the aircraft for total or partial loss and damage to the airframe, components and equipment.
  • Liability insurance against third parties: one can conclude the amounts declared by the insured for passengers, baggage, goods transported, and for damage to third parties who were not in the aircraft when the damage occurred
  • Aviation accident insurance: covers the risk of accident and court costs related to it within the limits established in the policy.
  • Manufacturer's liability insurance: covers both aircraft as a whole, and the component parts and embedded products.
  • Liability insurance for passengers and their baggage: the amount of compensation for passengers is set in ticket.
  • Insurance for loss of license: one can conclude for professionals who, through their field, require a license.